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MAGIC SWIM® yachts is not a common inflatable plastic device and was designed by naval engineer.

Inflatable pool for yachts

MAGIC SWIM® yachts is not a common inflatable plastic device. Magic Swim was designed by naval engineer. MAGIC SWIM® yachts is easily installed in minutes. It is made with innovative materials, light weight and highly resistant and it is conveniently inflatable by commercial air compressor.

  • The submerged pool floor, made of perforated and welded PVC material, ensures maximum structural strength with an additional central flotation element that provides a semi-rigid surface for walking.
  • This system of micro-perforation (only 1,75 mm) filters the water in the pool guaranteeing cleanliness.
  • There is a maximum depth of about five feet and steps for safe entry and exit from the pool.
  • The working pressure is 200 mbar.


Magic Swim keeps you and your guests safe from marine species such as Jellyfish, Portuguese Caravels, small fish species, among others.

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What they are saying about us

I have elderly parents who didn't go out with us on the boat, now with the pool they loved it because they feel safe. It was the best purchase we made.

Thomas S.

Sunny Isles Beach

Thank you Fama, I received my pool on time and I'm already enjoying it here in Saint Martin. The pool is amazing! The kids love it, and I feel at ease.

Madelyn M.

South Beach

I've had this pool for two years now, it's wonderful because I'm afraid of the sea, and it gives me the security I need.

Henry C. A.

Coconut Grove

Fantastic, worth every penny, I live in an area with a concentration of marine waters, now I'm at ease, the family thanks you.

Willian S.

Key Biscayne

My boyfriend doesn't know how to swim and used to just watch our friends having fun in the sea, now she can join in without fear...

Sarah A.

Fort Lauderdale