MAGIC SWIM® yachts is not a common inflatable plastic device. Magic Swim was designed by naval engineer.

Inflatable pool for yachts

Inflatable pool for yachts

MAGIC SWIM® yachts is easily installed in minutes. It is made with innovative materials, light weight and highly resistant and it is conveniently inflatable by commercial air compressor. The submerged pool floor, made of perforated and welded PVC material, ensures maximum structural strength with an additional central flotation element that provides a semi-rigid surface for walking. This system of micro-perforation (only 1,75 mm) filters the water in the pool guaranteeing cleanliness. There is a maximum depth of about five feet and steps for safe entry and exit from the pool. The working pressure is 200 mbar.

MAGIC SWIM® yachts is connected to the boat by 4 ropes connected to the stern cleats. The submerged part is made in PVC MEASH (welded material) of 250 gr/mq to ensure water to enter and exit at the same time. Thanks to use welded PVC material and to the installation of some weights, suitably arranged on the bottom of the pool, it’s not necessary fill or empty it. Also thanks to the sea current inside MAGIC SWIM® yachts is always guaranteed a water exchange. MAGIC SWIM is given with a kit of variables floating tops that are different in diameter and color according to their function.

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To choose the correct size of the MAGIC SWIM® yachts you need to know the width of the boat’s platform or transom (not necessarily the maximum width of the boat - beam).

  • For platforms with a maximum width of 3 metres choose the size S.
  • For platforms with a maximum width of 3.60 m choose the size L.
  • For platforms with a maximum width of 4.20 m choose the size XL.
  • For platforms with a maximum width of 5.40 m choose the size XXL.
  • For platforms larger than 5.40 metres you can request custom sizes.


The colors, gray, orange and white, size and logos, can be made to order, prices to be quoted

  • Standard colors: Blue
  • Customize color: Orange - White - Gray


You can customize your boat with a serigraph on the floor of the MAGIC SWIM® yachts. Normally the size of the serigraph is about 1.5 meters. The cost of this serigraph depends on the size and type of the image or writing.

SHIPPING - Domestic and International to be quoted, for international shipments the buyer assumes all Customs and other costs.


MAGIC SWIM® yachts comes in a bag that opens 270°. This allows the user to take it out and put it in very easily. The sizes of the bags differs based on the size of the pool chosen.

  • Size S - size bag 65 x 65 x 25 cm
  • Size L-XL - size bag 65 x 75 x 25 cm
  • Size XXL - size bag 65 x 85 x 25 cm

  • MAGIC SWIM® yachts is internationally patented.
  • MAGIC SWIM® yachts is made completely designed and manufactured in Italy.
  • MAGIC SWIM® yachts comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • MAGIC SWIM® yachts is in according to the follow directives: 2001/95/EC on the safety of general product., 2005/323/EC general safety of water games.